The European Capitals of Kentucky Epic Tour

Do you love to travel?  Well, I do, but just like Dorothy (my namesake) and Toto, there’s no place like home!  And that would be Kentucky.  There’s no better place to wander than through the cities, fields, rivers and forests ofKentucky.  Yes, I admit it, I’m a Kentucky geek through and through – a product of four generations of Kentuckians!

One day, while driving south on I-75, as we were passing the Paris exit, I mused, “Wonder how many cities inKentuckyare named for European Capitals?”  So the quest began.  Grabbing the Official Kentucky State Highway map, the concept for The European Capitals of Kentucky Epic Tour began to form. 

In the blogs to come, together we’ll explore the nine (oops, ten if you count Bagdad) Capitals identified so far and look forward to your input on ones I haven’t discovered.  There’ll be pictures, food and drink observations, a little history, both written and oral, comparisons with their European counterparts and whatever else strikes our fancies. 

Come along for the armchair version and then, I sincerely hope you will get out there and explore on your own! And when you do, please share your experiences – past, present or future.  Don’t you just love to fantasize, remember and dream about travel??