Berlin, Kentucky or Are We There Yet?? The European Capitals of Kentucky Epic Tour

This street sign above, the sign on the Berlin Baptist Church and a verbal confirmation from the really nice folks at the General Store were the only real evidence we had of actually being in Berlin. 


I’m not sure if the store’s name was Dana’s Place or if the bench belonged to Dana.  I do know for sure that it was THE place to be on a Saturday afternoon in Berlin.  And we did learn that the city’s name is pronounced Ber’ lin, emphasis on the first syllable. 

Berlin is a town in Bracken County, Kentucky, 30 miles south of Cincinnati. It was founded in 1830 and has about 400 inhabitants. 

Once upon a time, there was a Welcome to Berlin sign and everyone seemed surprised to learn that it was no longer where they thought it was.  However, they also didn’t seem too concerned about it.  Everyone seemed pretty laid back about everything.

It was a beautiful summer day with lots of stormy looking clouds.  Beyond the clouds, the sky was deep, deep blue.  What a gorgeous day!


Don’t care much for smoking, but the tobacco plants and barn  created a serene scene. 

Today’s Challenge:  Find Berlin and report back what you see!